You don’t have to take a course to learn how to sail! You can simply drop a boat in the water and after many fruitless wasted hours, a few close shaves; and maybe a minor bump or bruise, you will gradually get the hang of it. We all learn from mistakes. At sea you’ll never run out of mistakes to make, there’s always another one waiting to bite you in the butt. It will have to be a lot of mistakes though, as there is plenty to learn. Some of them will be costly financially, others may just scare you and make you respect the sea a little more. Sail training gives you the ability to take care of yourself and others at sea and will cut out many of the early mistakes you are going to make.

MAST Sail Training

Howth Sailing and Boating Club is happy to recommend MAST sail training in Malahide. In their words “As a recognised Irish Sailing and RYA training centre, MAST provides certified IS and RYA sail training courses, using proactive training initiatives with highly skilled and experienced professional instructors. During our practical sail cruising courses for Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper, you will sail to nearby islands, bays and harbours. You will live aboard our school yacht, experience the joys of cruising, whilst gaining valuable qualifications. Your experienced and fully qualified Instructor will guide you through the syllabus, whilst ensuring you enjoy your time afloat and ashore….They offer the full range of sail training from total beginners to experienced offshore sailors.

Howth Sailing and Boating Club